Why to add ‘Add This’ share button to your website

You might have written a very good blog post or an article in your website. But Google, Bing and other search engines might take some time to index your website and till then your article or blog post will not appear in the search results. These days social media plays an important role not only to get better rank but also to increase traffic.

Website and blog owners add various share buttons that are available and every where possible in their article or blog post so that share increases and also they share it on their own social media profile as well. When some one else who is of high profile shares your website article on social media, it will help search engines like Google to index you article much faster. Else, search engine might take it’s own time to index your website.

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There are just too many share buttons, plugins etc that are available online both paid and free. One such free plugin is ‘Add This’ for your WordPress. Note that this is not just for WordPress, it’s available for Blogger and other websites. Just add their piece of code. Why I recommend adding ‘Add This’ share button when compared to others to your website or blog is because you can keep a track of all the shares, likes and new followers that you get. Using most of the plugins you can just share and there is no option to keep a track of all the shares, like and followers. ‘Add This’ plugin/code had all of them in one place and is easy to track.

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It’s easy to keep a track on your own when you have a new website or when there is less traffic; but as your website grows over time, it hard to keep a track. When you install this app on your website there is a tracking ID in the code or plugin. You can always login to their website and keep a track or if you don’t have time to check, then you also get a weekly email update (by default) which you can disable if you want to.

stats of add this share button

Image: ‘Add This’ weekly email update

It’s recommended to add share button on top and bottom of the article. Or atleast at the button so that readers can share you article in their social media profiles. There are floating and rotating buttons that are available, but having fancy buttons may not be good sometimes. Do not add too many buttons as it might irritate your website visitors and they might leave your website in no time there by increasing your website bounce rate.

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