How to check online reputation of a website

If you are a blogger or a website owner then you might be interested in knowing how good your site is or maybe you are interested in buying someone’s website, then it’s better to perform a quick check on it’s online reputation. Whatever might be the reason, you can check the online reputation of any website to know how good it is or how well it’s performing.

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For those who are interested in buying a blog or a website (domain – URL) it’s good to check if the site is blacklisted or not, if it’s trustworthy, if the website has good vendor reliability, it’s social presence, traffic rating etc. If you are buying a brand new domain then it should not matter, but if you are planning to go for a domain which is already being used or some one is ready to sell his/her website then these are some of the things to check for. Say, I want to start my own blog and want to monetize using online ads in this new blog that I have just purchased. Then it should not be the case where I go ahead and buy this website, and later realize that this blog was blacklisted for some illegal activities by Google or some other website before I could even buy.

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check a website's online reputation

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This website pulls data from different sources like alexa, WOT(Web of Trust), social media etc. Not sure how accurate the social network presence report is because the Faceboook share results of mine is showing very low numbers and the number of likes is shown as zero :) But other information looks very much good enough.

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In addition to checking your own website you can check your competitors websites as well and check how good their online reputation is. I recommend to buy a new website and start from scratch like how I did. It’s a time consuming task to build up your website, but atleast you are sure that you are not cheated. Or you can check a website in depth using some online tools of this kind and make a proper study of it’s online reputation before buying the website. Check out yourself here [Link].

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