How to check server connection hosted at distant location

Server connection You might be watching live streaming of videos online on your laptop. But you may not be knowing that the network or server connection that you have do not transfer data in a continuous stream, but in small packets.

Servers or your hosting server located in a far off place might take more time to load a webpage or to download a content than a server in your region. This is not always true. Server connection depends on multiple factors like connection speed, distance, block size, jitter, packet loss, protocol used, network technology, computer used, buffering in network equipments etc. If you have exactly the same configuration in two different location one nearby and one in another geographical location then the server connection to the nearby server will perform better. This may not be the case if the local or nearby server has a poor configuration.

Speed Reduction by Distance‘ is one online calculator which can help you in showing how much speed is reduced because of distance. If you want to know more about the technical details then check out their website. Also, there is a calculator to check this. There is no charge to check this. The results that you get might be a rough figure according to me as it depends on mutiple other factors which are not considered while calculating using this online calculator. Give it a try and let me know what you think.

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2 thoughts on “How to check server connection hosted at distant location

  1. “Speed Reduction by distance” is really a useful tool. But is difficult to find the current speed in bits and to calculate the distance in km :)

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