Disable System default apps on Samsung Android Device

Most Samsung smartphone users who have bought Galaxy Note like me or any other Android phones then what you will notice is that there are too many Samsung Apps pre-installed apps which are installed as system default apps and the worst thing is they can be uninstalled.

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If your phone is rooted then you will have a different story to tell as these apps can be removed but if you are someone like me who will stick on to the firmware updates given by the company and don’t want to break warranty then you will have to or forced to have these apps. There are few who like these apps like SMemo, SVoice, Paper Artist, Mini Diary, Learning Hub, ChatON, Crayon  Physics, Favorite App, SCalendar etc. and also non-Samsung apps like Talkback, but for others who don’t like this have an option to disable all of these apps. The reason why these apps cannot be removed is these are pre-installed, comes with the factory settings are installed in the root folder where as the apps which we install from Google Play store are not installed in the root folder and hence can be removed.

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I’m speaking about Samsung Galaxy Note with Jelly Bean update and it should be the similar for any of the Android phones. This is how you can disable these many apps. In Android ‘Settings’ go to ‘Application Manager’. There are four columns – Downloaded, on SD Card, Running, ALL – Go to ALL and scroll through all the apps.

disable pre installed system android apps

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For example say, I want to disable Talkback app from this list. First, uninstall all the updates, then clear cache and data, followed by Force Stop. Be careful when you select Force Stop, confirm that this app or other apps are not dependent on each other. Now, tap on disable. Do the same for all the pre-installed apps. Disable option will appear only for these pre-installed system default apps and not for the apps that you have installed. I tried this, there were many useless apps and now my system is much faster, cleared some space on my device and also keeps my device’s processor free. The apps which have been disabled will appear at the end of the list and can be enabled at any time.

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11 thoughts on “Disable System default apps on Samsung Android Device

  1. Great article! Thank you very much! But I’ve got one question: I deactivated Google newsstand, Google books and stuff (of course not the play store), do you think I will experience problems in the near future? Should I only disable Samsung Apps?

    1. No, there will not be any problem but you will not get updates from these apps. There are many similar apps (like calendar in Galaxy Note) which is similar to the Google apps. You may try disabling/uninstalling similar apps and have one app instead of two which does the same job and improve the performance of your phone.

  2. What about removal of the network app provided with the Android OS? Can this be done savely without problems or will problems arise upon removal. Apps for checking for spyware indicate that the network app sends pushmail to Android and places icons on the screen. How to stop this completely?

    1. If it’s a native app or a part of Android then it’s better not to touch that. But if it’s installed by your mobile device manufacturer or service provider then you can disable. You can always go back and enable these apps if you have any issues. If you want to stop or uninstall completely then you might consider rooting your device (against warranty).

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