How to disable photo auto enhance in Google Plus

It’s always nice and easy if someone can enhance photos for you and that’s what Google plus does. As soon as you upload your new photo Google plus will auto enhance all your newly uploaded photos by default which is not the case in Facebook or other social networking sites as of now. It will make our life simpler and saves most of our time. This is good for those who take photo shots on mobile cameras and the basic point and shoot cameras where image will be in JPEG format and option to edit images are limited or for those who don’t use Lightroom, Photoshop or other photo editing tool.

auto enhance photos in google plus

But what if you have already edited your photo using some of the best photo editing tools and don’t want to modify or enhance images further. Say, you have enhanced image using Photoshop and you don’t want to enhance it further. Once you upload this image to Google Plus it will again auto enhance your photos by default. In the worst case this second auto enhancement might spoil your image. To avoid this you can always disable auto enhance of photos in Google Plus. All that you need to do is go to Google Plus settings [link], scroll down and disable ‘Auto Enhance’ option.

By default ‘Auto Enhance’ will be enabled. I would recommend to leave it as it is if you are uploading mobile photos directly from your mobile using Google’s Instant upload.

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Just in case if you have disabled auto enhance photo and want to enhance photos in Google plus, click on auto fix once you upload your photos. Not just that, you can even edit photos using the old picnik which is now integrated with Google plus.

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You don’t get all these features on Facebook or other social networking sites. And this is the reason why I love Google Plus. As of this writing you will find edit option in Facebook, but this is not to edit or enhance the image.

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9 thoughts on “How to disable photo auto enhance in Google Plus

  1. Thank you

    How about if google already have enhanced my about 600 pictures? Is their anyway to tell google to put all back in normal mode again?

      1. Thanks for the answer but I know that i can undo it, and bring it back to normal mode – on each picture.. I was asking if their is any way to tell google to undo all pictures? I have about 600 pictures which is enhanced at this moment – before I found out, and stopped google from doing it (thanks to your guide)… Now I want to tell google to undo all the enhanced pictures back, so I do not have to do it my self on 600 pictures manually.

        1. I am annoyed by this auto-enhancement. It can’t find an option to undo it on 700+ images at once. Picasa syncs with Google+ and downloads all enhanced photos to my PC. So now I have a lot of duplicates in my Pictures-folder. Really annoying!

  2. Thanks a million for this post!!! That auto-enhancement “feature” cost me a lot of time because I had to revert each photo to the original. I really cannot understand how Google can come up continuously with these annoying “improvements”; they’re really very good at adding useless or downright stupid features.

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