How to find duplicate images on hard disk

Have a hard disk full of images in different folders and having hard time in identifying and deleting duplicate images ? This is a common problem with most of us and is a time consuming task to identify and delete duplicate images. Each image file usually will not be anything less than 3 MB and imagine what would happen if you have hundreds of duplicate image files, how much space it would consume.

There is a software named Dup Detector which will do this job for you and make your life simpler. It will find duplicate and near duplicate images by searching folders and even sub folders, create data file by opening and reading image pixel data for each image in your collection. You can set the percentage match required to consider a duplicate and it will compare it with the log files and the duplicates can be deleted. It supports nine different image file formats - jpg, bmp, png, tif, pcx, tga, wmf, emf, psp.

Duplicate image detector

Follow the following steps to remove duplicate images from your harddisk.

  • Download and install Dup detector (for Windows only).
  • There are 4 tabs – Method, Get Data, Find Dups and View Dups.
  • Select Method – Here you can select the image collection which can be single or two image collections or compare single image with all images in a collection.
  • Get Data – by building one now or by opening an already built image data file.
  • Find Dups – Here you can set percentage match required to be considered as duplicate.
  • View Dups – will list the matching images.
  • From the list you have an option to auto delete, semi or manually delete these images.

This is a free version and requires all images to be in a single folder or subfolders. This is also helpful if you have camera with 4 fps or higher – can click 4 to 8 images per second which is used for wildlife and sports photography. These images look almost similar and you can delete similar images. While doing this you need to be careful in setting the percentage. Give it a try.

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