How to get abandoned freeware software

abandoned freeware softwareHave used a software long back and want to use that again? But that software may not be available anymore or maybe there is no development being done or the latest OS may have compatibility issues and may not be in use right now. There are chances that as these softwares are not being used anymore it may not even be available for download.

Here are few softwares that may be of good use for some of them who are looking for the old freeware software. Freeware Orphans is one website where they keep these abandoned freeware software or programs available for download at no extra cost. The softwares maintained here are good enough and the file size is small. There are very limited number of softwares here and you may not find all of the softwares that you are looking for. Give it a try.

There are many other software websites like, where you may find most of the softwares in all their versions. Leave a comment if you know any other website where you can find these useful abandoned freeware software.

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