How to get Google Webmaster alerts on Gmail

If you have a website then it’s always better to know all the latest updates from Google webmaster alerts like indexed webpages, broken link, malware or any other type of issue. As of this writing there is no Google webmaster app for Android and the only way to know about issues is to login to your webmaster account and check out your already registered website for any issues or messages.

You may not have access to Google Webmaster tool all the time.. for example, when you are travelling and it will be hard to login from browser and check your webmaster messages. There is a simple way to get all the messages or alerts. These Google webmaster alerts are very important as these messages usually indicate issues in your website ¬†and has to be fixed as soon as possible. So, it’s always better to keep a close watch on webmaster messages.

There is a simple way to get these message on your Gmail inbox. So, you don’t have to access your webmaster all the time to check for issues or messages. Follow these steps to forward all your webmaster messages to your Gmail:

webmaster email notification

  • ¬†Login to Google webmaster Tool.
  • Before selecting your registered site, click on Preference to the left side.
  • Here you have an option to select default language.
  • Select ‘Enable email notifications’.
  • You have an option to select the type of message alerts you want to be sent as email.
  • Select ‘Top site issues’ – which includes very critical alerts like Malware etc. which has to be fixed asap.
  • or select ‘All Issues’ – which includes all other alerts. Select one of the option.
  • Select your email ID to which you want these alerts to be forwarded to.
  • Click on Save.

That’s it and you don’t have to even login to webmaster tool unless there is something critical which you need to fix. I would recommend to select the second option “All Issues” instead of just ‘top issues’. Also, even if you enable this it’s always better to login and check webmaster tool atleast once in a week.

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  1. Getting your Google Webmaster alerts on your Gmail can be a helping agent for every webmasters who’s always on the go.

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