How to identify the technology behind websites

identify technology used using built withDo you have a website and want to know more about the technology behind websites of your competitors so that you too can work on your website and give a big boost. There are too many popular websites and people are always interested in knowing what is missing in their website in addition to their hardwork.

Here is one online tool which can help you in identifying the technology behind websites. Built With will track technology usage on over 150 million websites and will show what technology they use like server info, shopping carts, analytics etc. All that you need to do is just enter the URL of a website that you are interested in knowing and hit on enter.

Built With tool will give you a detailed info about a website such as: Server Information – Apache, Nameserver Provider – GoDaddy, DreamHost etc, Email service provider, Hosting provider, Content Management – WordPress etc, Framework – PHP,  Analytics and Tracking – Google Analytics, Quantcast Measurement, Facebook Domain insights, WordPress stats etc,  JavaScript Libraries – WordFront Loader, jQuery etc, Widgets – all the plugins used in that website, Content delivery network – Akamai, Facebook CDN, Aggregation Functionality – RSS, Pingback Support, Live Writer Support etc, Document Information – Google Front API, Meta Keyword, Meta description etc and Encoding.

All these technologies that are mentioned here are website specific and will list only the technologies used in the website that you enter. This is a nice way to know how much Java Script is being used in a website content, what widgets are used, what tracking and analytic tools are being used and also, what advertising networks are being used like BlogAds, Google Adsense etc. Use this tool to find what plug-ins or add-ins or technologies are missing in your website when compared to some of the top websites in your domain. Writing good quality content is always good but in addition there are many other tools and add-in’s that can boost your website performance and traffic. This tool is free for a month as of now after which you will be charged and there are different tariff plans. Check out their website for more details.

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