How to identify the web hosting company of any website

find who is hosting a website

Looking for a web hosting service provider and want to find out the best web hosting services. It’s always better to look at some of the better performing websites, identify their hosting services that they use and perform a web hosting comparison yourself. You might also need this info if you have any copyright issues and want to register a DMCA complaint and inform the hosting company.

WhoIsHostingThis? Рas the name itself suggests is one such website to identify the hosting company. All that you need to do is enter the URL or domain name of any website that you are looking for and this will show you all the details like the web hosting company, WhoIs (Check this: How to find the Owner of a Website), IP Address and Name servers.

This is useful when you want to compare different web hosting companies or to identify hosting company of some of the top performing websites or when you want to switch to a different hosting service provider from your existing one. Also, if you want to register a DMCA complaint against the website for some copyright issues. It’s always better to identify the owner of that website first when there is any misuse of your copyrighted material and when there is no action taken by them then you can always identify their hosting company from WhoIsHostingThis and then register a complain with the hosting company against their website.

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4 thoughts on “How to identify the web hosting company of any website

  1. Thanks for publishing these tools. That can come in very handy! Actually I already used them to identify my website hosted by Linux Hosts Ltd.

  2. Nice tool.
    Thank you for sharing it.
    Unfortunately, if the website behind CDN, they can not find the real web hosting company. :(

  3. A good tip. Would very much useful for the people who want to find the host of a particular website that performs good.

  4. very helpful link !! I personally wanted to check hosting companies of many sites which manage huge traffic and never go down !! thanks for sharing brother !! :)

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