How important is it for websites to have fresh content

fresh content in websites

I heard many of them saying that the most frequently updated websites get a boost in page ranking when compared to those websites which are updated rarely. If that would have been the case then some of the Tech blogs or news channels or sports channels would have got the highest ranking when compared to some company websites. But in reality you will still find websites that are rarely updated but have a very good page rank. So, how important is it for a website to have fresh content?

Well, the search what people do on internet can be Navigational – which includes webpages from major companies like Google, IBM, Microsoft etc., Informational – which includes webpages like mine HowToTechGuru that has How To Tips, some useful information, ever green content etc and Transactional – which might include online shopping like Amazon, eBay etc. There is another category called QDF (Query that Deserves Fresheness) which includes people searching some latest updates like cricket score, Tsunami updates or some latest updates on a breaking news.

If your websites fall under the first three categories then you really don’t have to worry much about the fresh content. As per Google Webmasters, there are around 200 plus signals that they use to rank a page and considering fresh content might be only one among them. If you are planning to just modify your existing content a bit and then saving it every day will not increase your page rank.

So, just stop worrying about fresh content and think of writing some good quality, every green content which people search for. Say for example if you are writing a blog on latest gadgets then it would be better to write posts very frequently to keep your website with the latest updates on gadgets, the same applies to news channels as well. Let me know what you think about this by leaving a comment.

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4 thoughts on “How important is it for websites to have fresh content

  1. Thank you, you saved me from worrying too much about fresh content. Nicely explained and I must say the title is what drew me to this post. I always appreciate explicit titles which guarantee what I am going to read.

  2. Guru, maybe this works for websites offering tutorials but those based on realtime info have to update their sites to keep up. Thanks for a thoughtful article.

  3. This is a very interesting and unique article. Seriously telling, I have never read any such thing on this topic. So all the sports and news stuff should go into the 4th category. That’s why if we search for the results of the match between Man Utd and Man City, the results from the latest match is shown first.
    Thanks for sharing this.

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