Kill active apps without installing any task software

If your Android device is slow and want to kill some of the apps or tasks that are active and are not being used any more then installing another app or task software just to kill tasks might only slow down your device as this app too will consume memory.

Task software will help you in handling tasks that are open, un-install apps, clear memory, push app from phone to your SD card and many other features.  Each of these activities are usually handled by individual app and if you can get an app which can perform all of this for you then it’s better.

Kill active apps without installing any task software

If you are using Android 4 and above (some of the features are available in Android 2.3 as well) then you don’t have to install any of these apps. Android has all of these as it’s built-in features. All that you need to do is hold (long press) the home button. Task Manager will open up where all the open tasks are displayed. You can swipe to the left or right to kill each of these tasks or kill all of them in one shot by tapping  on recycle bin icon. ‘g’ indicates Google Now and first icon indicates something similar to task software. If you go to ‘Active App’ then you can find all the Active Applications, you can either end all or individual active application. RAM will show you how much memory is being used, you have an option to clean inactive and background processes. It’s better to save data before going ahead with RAM cleaning as both completed and ongoing application functions will be removed from RAM. Storage will indicate all your storage space like system storage, USB storage and SD card. Here each of these Application will include both the code size and data size. ‘Downloaded’ indicated all the apps that are installed by you from external source or play store and can be uninstalled from here. You will find all of these features in one place. You don’t have to unnecessarily pay for an app which does the same stuff or even download an app for doing the same. There are few apps which will show users that it has cleared data but actually isn’t. Try this built-in functionality on your Android device.

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