How to buy any product at a lower price using online shopping

online shoppingAll of us want to buy something or the other and we all look for a good quality product with a lower price tag. Here are few tips for online shopping that might help:

  • If you are planning to go for trekking or any sports items that you want to purchase then buying online might be a bit cheaper. Don’t buy from the product website instead buy from a website where you get all products. If you are not very sure about your shoe or shirt size then go to the product showroom and try the product and while doing so make a note of the size, model and other details. Now search for the same product in the internet and you can easily order the product without any doubt as you already know the right size.
  • Online shopping is always cheaper in most of the cases (atleast here in India).
  • Search in the internet for coupon code. Some banks offer cash back or some banks offer discounts for their card holders.
  • Don’t go with the points, instead go with or try bringing down the product price.
  • If you find an interesting product in the showroom don’t directly jump there and swipe your plastic cards, instead wait for few month (usually in India most of the stores will have 30-50% discount twice a year) or for end of season sale.
  • Beware of the discount tags, if you go to some ordinary or local brands and say, if the usual price of the product is 10 US$ then at the time of discount they might sell it for 30US$ with 50% discount which is costlier even after discount, than the normal price.
  • Check out factory outlets, they might sell products which were not sold or with little damage.
  • If you are not sure about a brand and quality of a particular product, then find the product in the local market or shop, check its quality, make sure that it’s the same product that you saw online. Once you have done this and if you are happy with the product quality then go for it online.
  • Even buying life insurance, vehicle insurance online is now cheaper as these companies don’t have to pay any commission to third party.
  • If you don’t trust these online stores then go for COD (Cash on delivery) which is available here in India.

You might also check the reputation of a website before going for an online payment.

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