How to get more returning visitors and increase web traffic

It’s common for blog or website owners to check web traffic using analytic tools. Most of the websites have very high percentage of ‘New visitors’ when compared to ‘Returning visitors’. You can check this yourself on Google Analytics tool which is freely available or any other web analytics tools.

increase revisits to get more web trafficThe above case need not always be true. When you have high web traffic from search results then you can expect the new visitors to be higher than returning visitors and also higher bounce rate. But when your web traffic is from other sources like social media where you get traffic from all your followers then the percentage of returning visitors will be higher.

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There are many ways you can stop your first time visitor from leaving your site forever. Here are few tips which you can follow to increase web traffic from returning visitors:

  • Write Excellent quality content which your visitors are looking for. Write a blog post which users are looking for. This will become more popular than writing your personal story. Also, don’t write essays. Keep paragraphs short and simple. Make a list than writing lengthy stories.
  • If you have too many points to write in your blog post then break it into smaller parts or posts. Write multiple posts with part 1, part 2 and so on. By doing so, people will follow you to read the next content. It’s more like your TV serial where people wait for the next episode.
  • Have RSS feed and subscribe buttons. Highlight it and also try adding a subscribe button at the end of the post or in between the post. So that people can subscribe to your blog. Once they subscribe they get regular updates via Email. Note that Email subscription works better than social media. Avoid pop-ups which will distract visitors. You might be interested in knowing - Why is it important to add Subscribe via Email option to your website.
  • Reply to comments, feedback, questions by sending an email instead of ignoring it or by just replying within your blog. Best is to do both – reply in your blog as comment and also send an email. To know more on this check How to reply to messages on your blog comment box.
  • Add Email signatures with the latest post when you reply by email to all. Also leave a subscribe option where ever possible. To create a good personalized signature for free check How to create personalized email signatures.
  • Be active on social media as well, reply to people. When some one likes or comments on social media, you can even try leaving a personal message with a solution, with a link to subscribe or to the latest post. See that you don’t spam them and this should be kept within control.

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These are some of the basic things that you can try. Let me know what you guys do to gain more returning visitors and also increase web traffic. Leave a comment.

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5 thoughts on “How to get more returning visitors and increase web traffic

  1. Hi..Ravi,

    You have mentioned a good points about that how to keep your visitors to visit your site again and again. Quality and informative content on site is most important thing which can help to gain more returning visitors and also increase web traffic.

  2. It’s not that much difficult to get number of visitors on any website but it is difficult to stop your visitor from leaving your site. I am completely agree with the points which are described in this article. To let the visitors stay at your site, you have to create your website in such a way that the visitor can find something interesting and useful on your webpage. The content must be well formatted and the design-layout of your website also be good to attract the visitor for next time too.

  3. Ravi, good points. To add to this , I felt the commenting plugins like Intense debate helps to have returning visitors as the comment / reply we do is directly sent to their mail id provided making the visitor to revisit the site. I had used it personally and saw a rise in my returning visitors. But the problem i felt is that intense debate is bound to too many bugs where in majority of my visitors have complained that they are unable to comment for some unknown reasons. I had to remove it and now stuck to the wordpress commenting with commentluv enabled.

      1. I was waiting for that kind of info from the long period of time , but now am so happy when i met with your blog.

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