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Tired of searching for a book everywhere? or wondering if you can find all the books that you are searching for in one place? Well, there is a place where you can find all the book that you are searching for. Open Library is one such place where you can find most of the book online.

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Open Library is an open project and has one webpage for every book ever published. They have got a very good collection of over 23 million books of which over 1 million of them give you access to full text and can be downloaded over internet. In Open Library you can add a book, search by author and by subjects. Open Library is more like Wikipedia where you can view content, edit and contribute new information to a category that you are good at. You can go through the list of video on how to access eBooks on Open Library in their website. You cannot buy or sell books through Open Library instead will direct you to the respective book authors. You have an option to read these books using your iPad or Kindle and download Adobe Digital Editions. You even have an option to borrow books from open library for which you need to have an Open Library account and Adobe account. Open Library has come up with APIs for developers so that developers can develop their own apps and make good use of its data.

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Let me know if you are aware of or if there are any similar digital libraries where you have an option to download or borrow books online.

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