How to set reminders in online task management app Any.Do

If you are using Any.Do which is an online task management app to manage and handle your daily tasks then I’m sure this little tip on how to set reminders in Any.Do will make it even more simpler. If you want to know more about Any.Do then check out - How to remember everything you have to do using Any.Do [link]. Note that this online task management app can be accessed offline as well, but if you want to sync chrome extension or with other devices then you need to go online.

Follow these steps to set reminder using Any.Do app on Android/Apple device and on Chrome Browser using Any.Do Chrome extension:

  • To set reminders using mobile device – Install Any.Do app from Play store or App store.
  • Login to your Any.Do account. If you don’t have one, register as new user or login using your Facebook or Twitter ID.
  • Type in the task that you want to do and assign it to the right folder like Office or Personal.
  • Tap on the task and a small dropdown or pop-up will appear where you can set reminder.
  • You can set reminder to some future date and also, you have an option to set repeated reminders.

Any Do android app reminder

  • To set reminders using Chrome browser on Any.Do – Launch Any.Do Chrome extension from Chrome Store. This will install the extension and a small blue icon of Any.Do will appear to the right top corner of Chrome browser as shown below.
  • Click on this icon and login using the same ID as above. This will sync all your data that you had entered on your mobile Any.Do app and vice versa is also true.
  • Select the task and click on reminder and select a future date.
  • You don’t have to set reminder in Chrome extension as well as your mobile app for the same task. You just have to do this in one place and Any.Do app will sync all your data and reminders.

Any.Do chrome extension for online task management

We tend to forget too many things even if we have these online task management apps but setting reminders will help you in remembering all your tasks. Best thing about this online task management Any.Do app is it will sync in no time with your app and chrome extension, and you can enter tasks directly from it’s widgets. You get alerts on your desktop and you can reset reminders with just few clicks. Try this app, it simple and easy to use. Works well with even older versions of Android.

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