How to setup remote access connection to Torrents

remote bit torrentTorrents is a great way to find and download what ever content you want. Torrents is always known for it’s bandwidth consumption. There are torrent apps that you can install on your mobile device, but you need to be careful with the data package usage else you will end up in paying huge bills. To avoid this you can setup remote access connection to Torrents installed in your PC. This acts more like a remote desktop connection where you will have complete control over your torrents.

BitTorrent Remote is one such app which can be used to handle all your torrents remotely that are running on your PC. I have tried this app and its very easy to use.  This app is secure and enables you to access your Torrents on your home computer from anywhere.

All that you need to do is install this app from Play store on your Android device (the same can be done for other devices from their respective app stores). Once the app is installed on your device you need to create an account from your home machine and connect to this account from your mobile device.

Using this app you can setup remote access connection to add, start, stop, pause, remove your torrents download  on your home machine using Bit Torrent remote. So, by doing this you will not consume your mobile data to download torrent content instead using the remote access connection you can check and control all torrent downloads on your home machine. You can even check your RSS Feeds, check download progress, add more torrents directly from your mobile device to your home Bit Torrent Client. Remember to keep your home machine and also the broadband internet connection on. Give it a try today and let me know if you find this useful.

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