How to get Word Count in Notepad++

Many of us use Notepad plus plus instead of Notepad which comes default with the Windows operating system. Notepad++ is a free tool with many advanced features in addition to all the normal notepad features. Blog or website owners are always concerned about the word count and by default there is no option to view word count in Notepad++.

Word count is helpful not just for blog or website owners, it’s useful where there is limit to the number of words that can be used. Best example is Twitter where there is word/character limit. Same is the case when filling up on-line forms or docs.

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To keep a track of word count in Notepad++ there is a plug-in which you need to add. Follow the following steps:
Open Notepad++ and go to Plug-in >> Plug-in Manager >> Show Plug-in Manager.
Under Available tab scroll down to find “TextFX Characters”.
Install it and once installed, it will appear under ‘Installed’ tab.
Restart Notepad++ and you will find TextFX appearing in the menu bar as shown.
To find the word count select All(Ctrl+ A) the content and then click on TextFX >> TextFX Tools >> Word Count
Now a pop-up will appear as shown with all the details.

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word count in Notepad plus plus

There are other tools that are available but for those who want to find word count in Notepad++ this is how you do it. There are too many other features that will be available to you when you install TextFX plug-in. Give it a try.

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